Executive Committee

Committee Mission

To help the board function efficiently and effectively and serve as a “sounding board” for the board Chair/President.

Emile K. Haddad


Emile K. Haddad

Executive Committee Officers

  • Emile K. Haddad | Chair
  • Howard Gillman, Ph.D.
  • Brian T. Hervey
  • Gary J. Singer, Esq. ’74
  • Lynn A. Rahn
  • Jackie M. Barbera
  • Amer A. Boukai ’87
  • Richard K. Bridgford, Esq.
  • Hazem H. Chehabi M.D.
  • Salma A. Chehabi ’13
  • D. Robinson Cluck ’78
  • John R. Evans
  • Douglas K. Freeman
  • Julie Hill
  • Gary H. Hunt
  • Mohannad S. Malas
  • James V. Mazzo
  • Dennis Luan Thuc Nguyen ’94
  • James J. Peterson
  • Cheryll R. Ruszat
  • Richard J. Ruszat
  • Thomas T. Tierney
  • Dean A. Yoost

UA Partner

Jackie M. Barbera

Committee Membership

Approximately one-third the size of the board itself, consisting of chair, president, immediate past chair, chairs of the standing committees, general counsel, officers of the corporation, and three additional Trustees. In addition, the chancellor serves as ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities

  • Set board agendas
  • Oversee progress of goals
  • Participate in the performance review process for the chair/president
  • Handle certain routine business (as needed)
  • Periodically assess the board committees
  • Act on other matters as delegated by board

Meeting Frequency